Semester Colloquia

 Plan of Semester Colloquia

of the Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Scientific School

in 2023

Name of scientific school, head

The subject of the colloquium, responsible

Date and place

Development of technology for manufacturing and research of physico-chemical, technical and operational characteristics of new functional materials and coatings

Scientific advisers:  

Prof. S. N. Fedosov DSc (Physics& Mathematics), ,

Prof. A. E.  Sergeeva DSc (Physics& Mathematics),

1. Research and development of new modern technologies for manufacturing energy storage devices based on ferroelectrics.

Resp. Prof. S. N. Fedosov

May 20, 2020.

Д-400   14:30



2. Comparison of physico-electrical properties  of ferroelectric polymers films  based on PVDF and its copolymers .

Resp. Prof. A. E. Sergeeva

October 21, 2020.       Д-400 14:30