History of the Mathematical Section of the Department

Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences has been created in March 2020 by merging Department of Physics and Materials Science and Department of Higher and Applied Mathematics.


The Department of Higher Mathematics was established in 1929. Its first head was Georgy Kostandi. In the pre-war years (1939-1940), the department was headed by Assoc. Prof. Nikolai Vasiliev. During the evacuation to Tashkent from 1942 to 1943, the Department was headed by Prof. M.A. Naimark, one of the known specialists in functional analysis. Since 1944, the department was headed by Assoc. Prof. E. H. Gokhman. From 1948 to 1963 Department of Higher Mathematics and Theoretical Mechanics was headed by Assoc. Prof. S.M. Slutsky.

In 1963, the department has been divided in two parts. Department of Higher Mathematics was headed by Assoc. Prof. A.A. Bobrov until 1971 and by Assoc. Prof. M.O. Rahula (1971-1976). Department of Theoretical Mechanics was headed by Prof. P.I. Khristichenko (1971-1976) and by Prof. V.M. Grigorevsky (1976-1978). From 1978 the Department was headed by Assoc. Prof. M.O. Rahula.

Склад кафедри вищої математики
Composition of the department at 1974-1975 academic year

Top row from left to right: V.V. Kalevich, I.S. Kats., V.A. Odinokov, P.D. Fedunets, A.A. Zikov, G.A. Tkach, K.G. Shapovalova, A.V. Kryzhanovsky, V.M. Kuzakon.

Bottom row from left to right: Z.S. Zagrevskaya, T.N. Grosul, L.I. Maximova, T.G. Malaxiano, M.O. Rahula, T.V. Guryanova, N.N. Maslennikova


From 1985 to 1990 the department was headed by Assoc. Prof. V.L. Spesivikh, from 1990 to 1993 – by Assoc. Prof. P.D. Fedunets, from 1994 to 2009 – by Assoc. Prof. E.L. Pekarev, from 2009 to 2016 – by Assoc. Prof. V.M. Kuzakon, from 2016 to 2020 –  by Prof.V.H. Kirillov, from 2020 to the present, the department is headed by Prof.   A.E.Sergeyeva.

V.L. Spesivikh
V.L. Spesivikh

The staff of the department has always paid great attention to scientific work, which made it possible to provide the department with highly qualified teachers. So, the first head of the department is Assoc. Prof. G.V. Kostandi was engaged in research on analytic geometry, Assoc. E.H. Gokhman  studied the Stieltjes integral, A.A. Bobrov – the probability theory. The department has always had a large group of mathematicians belonging to the school of functional analysis. This are Prof. I.S. Katz and his student Z.D. Arova; Prof. Yu.P. Ginzburg and his students A.A. Tarasenko, L.V. Shevchuk and L.M. Zemskov; Assoc. Prof. E.L. Pekarev and A.A. Nudelman and Senior Lecturer T.G. Malaxiano.


E.L. Pekarev
E.L. Pekarev

Differential geometry studies were carried out by prof. M.O. Rahula and his students V.L. Spesivikh, V.M. Kuzakon, V.A. Odinokov, L.I. Maximova, as well as by N.G. Konovenko and Yu.S. Fedchenko. Prof. A.A. Zykov and his students V.V. Matyushkov and O.G. Rudenskaya were engaged in the theory of graphs. A.M. Nikolaychuk and.G. Bashkarev studied integral equations, A.S. Dashnits and G.A. Stoykova investigated differential equations. P.D. Fedunets, N.P. Khudenko and L.I. Shpota were involved in questions of optimal control and numerical methods of analysis, A.P. Malaxiano – in the theory of functions, and E.A. Banit – in the mechanics of granular media, A.P. Moiseenok studied the theory of elasticity, Prof. V.H. Kirillov developed theory and methods of mathematical modeling of hydrodynamic and heat and mass transfer processes, while his student A.V. Vityuk studied the hydrodynamics of film coolers.

V.M. Kuzakon
V.M. Kuzakon


Prof. O.I.Yashkina, Doctor of Economics developed mathematical and statistical methods in marketing research of innovations, N.V. Nuzhna – the methodology of teaching mathematics, E.A. Osadchuk – modeling of operating modes of absorption refrigeration units.

V.H. Kirillov
V.H. Kirillov

As a result of the reorganization of ONAFT divisions and in accordance with the Order No. 141-01 of 07/03/2015, the Department of Higher Mathematics merged with the P.M. Platonov Institute of Mechanics, Automation and Computer Systems and the Department of Applied Mathematics of the V.S. Martynovsky Institute of Refrigeration, Cryotechnology and Eco-Energy.

The department included Prof. V.T. Shvets who is a leading specialist in matters of the extreme state of substances; Assoc. Prof. N.V. Vashpanova, who is engaged in differential geometry and topology, Assoc. Prof. Yu.N. Arkatov with questions of mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer processes and hydrodynamic phenomena; Assoc. Prof. A.P. Ugolnikov – thermodynamics of polar liquids, methods of multivariate unconditional minimization.

The following persons have been working at the department for a long time and carried out inportant scientific, methodological and educational work: V.I.Kravchenko, A.O. Calendaryan, A.I. Gogol, V.V. Kalevich, E.P. Strelkova, A.P. Kirillov, N.A. Miskin, I.A. Zborovskaya, V.V. Miho, L.M. Miho, N.N. Maslennikova, A.V. Kryzhanovsky, G.A. Tkach, E.L. Korchevskaya, A.O. Glauberzon, L.E. Prikhodko, A.K. Renga, E.I. Batyreva, E.E. Berezhnaya, Z.S. Zagrevskaya, L.V. Grafskaya, V.P. Kiyashko, L.F. Parafilenko, E.G. Shapovalova, T.V. Guryanova, N.I. Dutko, E.O. Kalmushevskaya.


Composition of the department 1984-1985 academic year

Top row from left to right: V.M. Kuzakon, P.G. Bashkarev, L.I. Zhivetskaya, V.L. Spesivykh, E.L. Pekarev, A.K. Renga.

Bottom row from left to right: A.I. Gogol, I.R.Vikhareva, V.V. Matyushkov, I.A. Zborovskaya, L.A. Nosenko.

It is difficult to imagine the work of the department without senior laboratory assistants L.I. Zhivetskaya, I.R. Vikhareva and still working L.A. Nosenko, A.V. Malina.

Кафедра 3

Composition of the department is the 2010-2011 academic year


The top row from left to right: N.G. Konovenko, I.R.Vikhareva, N.P. Khudenko, M.A. Malaxiano, L.A. Nosenko, Z.D. Arova, L.I. Shpota.

Bottom row from left to right: N.V. Nuzhnaya, Yu.S. Fedchenko, V.M. Kuzakon, T.G. Malaxiano, A.S. Barzik.

Over the years of its existence, the department has provided students with training in various branches of mathematics, such as “Linear and vector algebra”, “Analytical geometry”, “Mathematical analysis”, “Differential equations”, “Theory of functions of a complex variable”, “Operational calculus”, “Probability theory and mathematical statistics. ” In addition to lectures and practical exercises from these courses, computational laboratory workshops were organized.

Today, the Department of Higher Mathematics teaches the following disciplines:

  • “Mathematics” (specialty “Applied Mechanics”);
  • “Higher mathematics” (specialties “Economics”, “Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities”, “Marketing”, “Accounting and taxation”, “Automation and computer-integrated technologies”, “Power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics”, “Food technologies”,” Hotel – Restaurant Business “,” Computer Science and Information Technology “,” Computer Engineering “,” Ecology “,” Environmental Protection Technologies “,” Power Engineering “,” Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology “,” Heat Power Engineering);
  • “Higher and applied mathematics” (specialties “Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities”, “Management”, “Public administration and administration”);
  • “Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics” (specialties “Economics”, “Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities”, “Marketing”, “Accounting and Taxation”, “Computer Science and Information Technologies”);
  • “Mathematical methods and models in computer calculations” ”(specialties“ Power engineering ”,“ Oil and gas engineering and technology ”,“ Heat power engineering ”,“ Electric power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics ”),
  • “Probability Theory, Probabilistic Processes and Mathematical Statistics” (specialty “Computer Engineering”).

In order to increase mathematical education, additional disciplines were introduced for doctoral and postgraduate students:

  • “Mathematical and software for scientific research” ,
  • “Methods of mathematical modeling” .

The Department of Higher Mathematics occupies a high place among the departments of ONTU in scientific work. This is the merit of Assoc. Prof. V.M. Kuzakon. Under his leadership, the Department of Higher Mathematics, with the support of the ONNU administration, organized the international scientific conference “Geometry in Odessa” in 2004 which became the annual scientific holiday for geometers and topologists from all regions of Ukraine and many foreign countries.

The conference was co-organized by such well-known organizations and universities as the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv; The International Geometry Center.

For more than ten years, conference participants have been sharing their achievements in the following geometric fields:

  • Algebraic methods in geometry;
  • Differential geometry as a whole;
  • Geometry and topology of differentiable manifolds;
  • General and algebraic topology;
  • Geometric and topological methods in the natural sciences;
  • History and methods of teaching mathematics;
  • Geometric questions of mathematical analysis.

During the international conference, representatives of 26 countries took part in it: Ukraine, Austria, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Russia, Romania, Syria, Slovakia, USA , Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, France, Czech Republic, Estonia, Japan.

Prof. A.D. Milka (Ukraine), Assoc. Prof. V.M. Kuzakon (Ukraine), Prof. K. Matsumoto (Japan), Prof. J. Mikesh (Czech Republic)
Prof. A.D. Milka (Ukraine), Assoc. Prof. V.M. Kuzakon (Ukraine), Prof. K. Matsumoto (Japan), Prof. J. Mikesh (Czech Republic)

Also on the basis of ONAFT the 10th summer school “Algebra, Topology, Analysis” was organized in August 3-15, 2015, which brought together progressive youth from all over Ukraine to consider and study important issues of geometry and topology.

Based on the results of scientific achievements of the conference participants, the International Scientific Journal “Proceegings of the international geometry center” has been published since 2008 on the basis of ONTU, and it has been recognized since 2010 as the specialized scientific publication of Ukraine in the field of mathematical sciences. The editorial board includes 30 mathematicians from 10 countries.

7 employees of the department ( A.E.Sergeeva, N.G. Konovenko, Yu.S. Fedchenko, V.T. Shvets, V.G. Zadorozhny, S.N. Fedosov) are members of the editorial board.

обложка-minThe journal collaborates with the following citation and abstracting bases:

  • Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine
  • International number of scientific periodicals (ISSN);
  • Crossref;
  • Rinz (elibrary.ru);
  • Index Copernicus international;
  • Google scholar;
  • Directory of open access scholarly resources (road);
  • Open academic journals index (oaji);
  • Ebscohost;
  • Directory indexing of international research journals – citefactor;
  • Worldcat;
  • Bielefeld academic search engine (base).


Состав кафедры -2017 год

Composition of the department 2016-2017 academic year. (May 3, 2017)

Top row from left to right: A.V. Vityuk, N.G. Konovenko, N.P. Khudenko, Yu.S. Fedchenko, N.V. Vashpanova.

Bottom row from left to right: A.V. Malina, N.V. Nuzhna, L.A. Nosenko, V.T. Shvets, V.H. Kirillov, L.A. Melnik, A.P. Ugolnikov.

Кафедра вищої та прикладної математики

Composition of the department 2018-2019 academic year. (March, 2019)

Currently, at the mathematical section of the Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, there are one Full Professors ( V.T. Shvets), four Associate Professors (A.V. Vitiuk, N.G. Konovenko,  Yu. S. Fedchenko, E.V.Cherevko), and one Senior Lecturer (E.A. Osadchuk).

University graduates like to remember the teachers of the department of different years at their traditional meetings, with their families, on the pages of online forums, and the teachers of the department are always open to further cooperation.